What’s the Difference Between Broilers, Fryers, Roasters & Other Sizes of Chicken?

  • Fryers: Chickens 6 to 8 weeks old and weighing 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds
  • Roasters: Chickens less than 8 months old and weighing 3 1/2 to 5 pounds

Fryers and roasters can generally be used interchangeably based on how much meat you think you’ll need. They are young chickens raised only for their meat, so they are fine to use for any preparation from poaching to roasting. You may need to adjust cooking times or amounts of other ingredients (like stuffing) based on what the recipe called for and the size of your chicken.

Getting chicken at the store?

Did you know others store there chicken below 32 degrees and still call them fresh? That’s because the government guidelines say as long as the internal temperature has never been below 26 degrees you can label it fresh.

That might be why store bought chicken has that hard chilled/frozen feel to it.

Is that fresh to you? Is that what you want?

Are free-range chickens really free?

When the USDA certifies a package of chicken as free range, it means that the chicken had access to the outdoors. There are no requirements for length of time spent outdoors, the size of the outdoor area or the type of groundcover. There is no guarantee that the chicken ever ventured out of the enclosure.

Did your free range chicken even make it outside?